The other day, in reference to the President’s recently-offered package of business-stimulus ideas, Senator Orrin Hatch (R – UT) had the following to say: “If we don’t get this moving in the right direction, you guys, your future’s gone, you young people.” Let’s dismiss immediately the idea that Hatch was being totally literal. While occasional […]

And so here we are: the Egyptian Army, so recently giving voice to the hopes of thousands of struggling Egyptians, has chosen to use violence to dispel the supporters of ousted President Mursi. In many ways, being a politically active adult is like being a gambler: you consider the odds, you listen to the chatter, […]

We tend to think of law and order as a unit – two sides of the same coin. After all, nation-states have plenty of incentives to ensure a robust legal framework, and many of those incentives revolve around orderly movement of the population. Want to set up a new business? Sounds good – but you […]

Republicans may look disarrayed – Michele Bachmann out, a tempestuous House that can’t agree to act in concert, and primary challenges that drive general election candidates further and further from the mainstream – but in one regard, at least, they have a significant advantage over Democrats. Republicans know how to draw all of their points […]

Some tragically parallel crimes appeared in the news this week: in one, a man in downtown New York was shot and killed while his attacker shouted gay slurs. In another, two men ran down a London soldier, then stabbed him to death while shouting jihadist phrases and slogans. These two crimes share a number of […]

I noticed an odd phenomenon the other day: as an outspoken member of civil society, I sometimes find myself in the trenches of debate, arguing in odd places like banks and Internet message boards. (I must sound like tons of fun.) But one thing I noted about, especially, the message boards, is the large number […]

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve heard about the admitted targeting of Tea Party Patriot groups applying for nonprofit (and thus untaxable) status. Conservatives are livid: it seems, at first blush, to be expressly political. The more conspiracy-minded are sure that Obama’s secretive hand is behind it all (and, presumably, Benghazi). Even those who […]