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Law and Order (And When They Diverge)

We tend to think of law and order as a unit – two sides of the same coin. After all, nation-states have plenty of incentives to ensure a robust legal framework, and many of those incentives revolve around orderly movement of the population. Want to set up a new business? Sounds good – but you […]

Language of Reaction

If you live in, around, or have heard of, the United States, you’ve probably had some exposure to the Supreme Court arguments surrounding the legal status of marriage for gay couples. Cast as a civil rights issue, there’s been a huge showing of support on social media for what is coming to be known as […]

The Weakness Stereotype

I want to throw credit for this entry over to Brute Reason at freethoughtblogs, whose recent post about not being offended got me thinking. I wrote several paragraphs in response and then the comment management system ate my comment. Ah, well. Let me then dedicate this article to that one. There’s an unfortunate stereotype circulating […]

Detroit’s Dictator

Paralysis and deadlock are watchwords in today’s political commentary: with the national government split between two acrimonious parties, it’s little wonder that democracy today seems designed to get nothing done. Often, that opinion is dispensed pejoratively: lawmakers, we hear, are “acting like children” or “too busy backbiting” to work together and Get Something Done. Thankfully, […]

The Politics of Definitions

So, the AP has asked its writers not to use the term “homophobe” to describe newsworthy folk opposing gay rights. This is part of the overall rejection of the term “homophobia,” a term that describes, depending on who you ask, the mindset or the condition of these folks. According to the Deputy Standards Editor there, […]

Freshly Pressed

Wow, everyone. I’m humbled. The response I’ve gotten since being Pressed is just overwhelming. Thanks to the WordPress editors for choosing my post for feature. But thanks especially to you, dear reader, for stopping by, and for actively commenting and liking posts. I couldn’t have anticipated the amount of dialogue and debate that would be […]