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How to Sell Activism

Republicans may look disarrayed – Michele Bachmann out, a tempestuous House that can’t agree to act in concert, and primary challenges that drive general election candidates further and further from the mainstream – but in one regard, at least, they have a significant advantage over Democrats. Republicans know how to draw all of their points […]

The Madness of the Law-Abiding Citizen, or, There Are No Innocents

There’s a meme out in the pro-gun world that goes something like this: there are good guys and there are bad guys. Since all a gun does is increase the power of its wielder, all we have to do is get out there and make fewer bad guys (or at least identify them before they […]

After Boston

When the drama in Boston first started to unfold – when the bombs had gone off but there weren’t yet suspects being discussed on television and the internet – I considered posting something along the lines of “I’m sure we’ll find who did this and bring them to justice.” Instead, I waited to see what […]

Guns and Zombies

First off, thanks for bearing with. I’ve been out for a while, and I hope to be back for good. Today, I wanted to present a response to Stephen Carter’s Bloomberg article on the way that guns and zombies are linked in the political imagination. He’s right, of course, about the way that gun purchases […]

When Is Enough Enough?

I’ve been thinking a lot about craziness. In my (albeit limited) experience with mental illness, depression, and anxiety, I’ve never actually met someone who I could in good faith call crazy. But there’s been a lot of armchair psychologizing going around after the Newtown tragedy, and much of it has been decidedly off-key when confronting […]

The Problem of False Consciousness

Hello, all – hope that the holiday season has gone well for everyone, and keeps going strong into the new year. Today, I wanted to add to the criticism surrounding the NRA’s response to the recent spate of gun violence, but I think that there are plenty of other voices rightfully targeting the idea that […]

What Does “Rule of Law” Mean?

It’s begun again, and this time, with good reason: the massacre at Newtown, Connecticut is the poster event for what gun-regulation advocates have been warning the country about for years. Loose United States gun laws, coupled with inadequate mental health support, means that it’s easy for people who want to commit maximum carnage to acquire […]