Monthly Archives: September 2013

An Interesting Line of Argument

Ramesh Ponnuru, frequent conservative talking head and a man whose views I tend to really respect, if often disagree with, takes on Elizabeth Warren and her supporters in a pair of articles from Bloomberg over the last few days. He’s taking issue with a study that Warren has been using to support one of her […]

I’m Growing to Hate the Word “Entitlement”

I really am. And it’s not for its political usage, for once. In politics, an entitlement is so-called because it’s built into the budget, and it’s not optional to spend that money – the American people are entitled to the fruits of their laws and labors, and so it’s impossible to cut entitlement spending without […]

Regarding Syria

As you may have noticed, if you read my blog, I often wait a while before commenting on major issues facing the United States and the West in general. Often, I have to develop my feelings and impressions before I comment. Often, I can’t find a language-related reason to comment. With Syria, my own torn […]