Monthly Archives: April 2013

After Boston

When the drama in Boston first started to unfold – when the bombs had gone off but there weren’t yet suspects being discussed on television and the internet – I considered posting something along the lines of “I’m sure we’ll find who did this and bring them to justice.” Instead, I waited to see what […]

Misandry is a Thing (We Shouldn’t Worry About)

I’ve written before about how feminism is primarily a way for women to build a positive identity for themselves after generations of having their identities defined by men – and that men’s rights movements fundamentally misunderstand this, making them reactionary at best. But I think it’s worth looking into times when feminism does come in […]

Guns and Zombies

First off, thanks for bearing with. I’ve been out for a while, and I hope to be back for good. Today, I wanted to present a response to Stephen Carter’s Bloomberg article on the way that guns and zombies are linked in the political imagination. He’s right, of course, about the way that gun purchases […]