Monthly Archives: March 2013

Language of Reaction

If you live in, around, or have heard of, the United States, you’ve probably had some exposure to the Supreme Court arguments surrounding the legal status of marriage for gay couples. Cast as a civil rights issue, there’s been a huge showing of support on social media for what is coming to be known as […]

American Language

This story represents the best of what this blog was founded for. On NPR today, a discussion aired about the findings of a study that measured the responses of Americans asked to think about independence or the greater good. Fascinatingly, there were statistically significant differences between ethnically diverse Americans based on whether they were primed […]

Bans and Bans on Bans

On NPR this morning, one commentator, speaking about the recent decision by a federal judge to overturn Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks, claimed that “New Yorkers [were] smart enough” to make their own decisions on food consumption. Sure – most of us are. But the rationale behind the ban had nothing to do […]