Monthly Archives: January 2013

When Is Enough Enough?

I’ve been thinking a lot about craziness. In my (albeit limited) experience with mental illness, depression, and anxiety, I’ve never actually met someone who I could in good faith call crazy. But there’s been a lot of armchair psychologizing going around after the Newtown tragedy, and much of it has been decidedly off-key when confronting […]

The Weakness Stereotype

I want to throw credit for this entry over to Brute Reason at freethoughtblogs, whose recent post about not being offended got me thinking. I wrote several paragraphs in response and then the comment management system ate my comment. Ah, well. Let me then dedicate this article to that one. There’s an unfortunate stereotype circulating […]

The Ones Who Don’t Exist

I didn’t want to write about the Manti Te’o scandal. I really didn’t. For a number of reasons, really. Mainly, sports writing is not exactly in my wheelhouse – and whatever else this story is about, it starts with sports. Furthermore, I tend to stick to political and cultural subjects here, especially when those subjects […]

Race to the Bottom

Foreign policy nerds, as well as odd-news enthusiasts, have all heard the news by now: French actor and wealth accumulator Gerard Depardieu’s appeal for Russian citizenship has been granted. This turn of events is simultaneously a snub on Depardieu’s part toward the top marginal rate tax hike championed by French president Francois Hollande, and a […]

Being Mainstream

Be reasonable. It’s a pretty innocuous request, on the surface. At its best, a call to reason is a reminder that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. But in the slippery world of American politics, it’s worth remembering that everything is relative. It’s no coincidence that we use relational terms to define […]