Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Politics of Definitions

So, the AP has asked its writers not to use the term “homophobe” to describe newsworthy folk opposing gay rights. This is part of the overall rejection of the term “homophobia,” a term that describes, depending on who you ask, the mindset or the condition of these folks. According to the Deputy Standards Editor there, […]

The (Reported) End of America

The election is over: President Obama is returned to office, the Senate is blue, the House is red, and major budget cuts and tax hikes loom on the horizon. Regarding the fiscal cliff, it’s what we all wanted: someone having their budget reduced and someone is paying more so that our deficit can be slashed. […]

Election Day

Gentle readers, I haven’t forgotten you. This is the busiest part of my year, and I apologize for my tardiness in updating. Twice a week updates will return shortly. That said, tomorrow’s a vital day for the United States. If you live there, please vote. You know my thoughts on the matter, and you know […]