Voter Intimidation: Republican Style

I was shocked by this one: David Seigel, owner of Westgate Resorts, told his employees today that he’s so frightened of Obama that, if Obama wins the election, Seigel will have to fire everyone.

Seigel stresses that this is not a threat, though I don’t see how else someone could construe it. He calls it “education,” in the same way, I assume, that mobsters educate their constituencies about the importance of paying protection money. The argument Seigel makes concerns the expiration of the Bush tax cuts on those making more than $250,000 and the implementation of the healthcare expansion. Essentially, he argues that his (record profit-making) business will not be profitable without the extension of the cuts and the prevention of 26 million Americans from accessing healthcare.

Read it. I’ll wait. His pity-the-billionaire attitude is puffed with egotism and sneers down at the poor with their endless free time. He envies us (us!) because of all that time we get to not think about work. Poor guy.

I don’t mind hypocrisy in the same way that I mind voter intimidation, though. His email tells workers that it will “help [them] decide what is in [their] best interest,” a euphemism as odious as “re-education.”

Come on, guys. I try to stick to reasonable, logical appeals. But this is infuriating.


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