Monthly Archives: October 2012

On Looking Presidential

White. Wears a tie. Addressed by the title of his elected office. Looks presidential. I am of course speaking about my cat, Senator Puffball. I guess that there’s another person who’s been described as “presidential” in the last few days: former governor Mitt Romney, whose major accomplishment in the second and third debates was convincing […]

Dream Policy

Socialism: the never-present threat. Let me elaborate. Socialism, in one sense – the belief that governments should exist to better the lives of their citizens across social lines – was a social movement whose influences continue to resonate today with members of both American political parties, workers and employers of all political persuasions, and members […]

Voter Intimidation: Republican Style

I was shocked by this one: David Seigel, owner of Westgate Resorts, told his employees today that he’s so frightened of Obama that, if Obama wins the election, Seigel will have to fire everyone. Seigel stresses that this is not a threat, though I don’t see how else someone could construe it. He calls it […]

Mitt Romney’s Quantum States

At the presidential debates, many Americans were looking for something not easily defined: a bearing, a mannerism, some kind of presidential quality. Many did not see that quality in President Obama’s performance. But as I watched, I was struck by something else: Romney may have been forceful, but he sure as hell wasn’t presidential. Presidents, […]

We Need to Talk About Freedom

The campaigns are shaping up for the home stretch. The first debate was no October Surprise, but it did seem to inject new life into exhausted Romney supporters. Meanwhile, the President is trying to cement slight leads in the biggest battleground states. This one’s not over yet. While the media chews on the scraps we […]