Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fraud and Paranoia

I voted today. No, I’m not a time traveler – alas. I’m currently far away from the place I call home, and my absentee ballot went out today. In the packet I received, there was a bundle of notifications, most of which dealt with election law -it is illegal to coerce absentee voters, to advocate […]

Open Letter to Mr. Romney and Co.

Mr. Romney – You’ve been getting a lot of heat lately for claiming that 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes and are already firmly in President Obama’s camp. That’s not a fun place to be in as Election Day looms. Most of the media (leftists all, I know) have been focusing on the muddy […]

Speech and Consequences

Today’s is a tale of four stories. The first is s story about Muslims: in this story, followers of Islam are violent, hate-filled zealots. The central figure of their faith is a charlatan and a womanizer; the modern expression of their belief, misogyny and bloodshed. This is the story told by a handful of American […]

The University as Proving Ground

Recently, a lot of talk has been going around about the relative value of an education, thanks to the staggering amount of student debt accumulated by young Americans over the last few years. Some commentators describe it as a “bubble,” an overvalued asset whose price is going to suddenly drop, scorching all of the investors […]

Bias and its Discontents

The other day, flipping through the comments section of a news and opinion website, I noticed that one of the posters was upset because the writer of the article was “biased.” It wouldn’t have caught my eye, except that recently someone wrote into my local newspaper with a letter to the editor decrying the obvious […]

Enslave the Poor!

Okay – I’m not for enslaving the poor. But there are some people who seem to be, given the rise of stories that increasingly paint recipients of welfare as lazy, wasteful profligates. Even the Australian mine heiress Gina Rinehart (who notoriously received her fortune by virtue of selecting the right parents) has gotten in on […]

Better Off?

Are we better off after four years? That’s the direction that conservatives seem to be shifting the dialogue as the campaigns move into September, just two months away from Election Day. It’s being asked because Republicans sense that it’s a question that will gain them the advantage: the answer for conservatives seems to be a […]