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Paul Ryan’s Vignette

When Paul Ryan speaks, the future of the Republican party listens. He’s young, he’s supposed to be the bearer of solid policy (though there’s lots of evidence he isn’t all he’s cracked up to be), and he’s dreamy. Which is why I’m so troubled by the image that he invoked of young Americans, let down […]

Semantics, or, Why I’m a Liberal (Part II)

In Part I, we looked at some of the major principles informing political discourse in the United States today, and examined some of the flaws with conservatism. Today, I wanted to turn to libertarianism, and then move on to the school of thought I currently align most with, liberalism. Libertarian – Libertarians hold fast to […]

Semantics, or, Why I’m a Liberal (Part I)

One of the first exchanges I had after starting this blog was with a person who had taken umbrage not with me, but with the actions of my kind – that is, the interactions he/she had had with liberals in the past. (This was a very positive discussion, and I learned a lot from it.) […]

Rich and Poor, Too Close For Comfort

Growing up in and around the Rust Belt, I’ve seen my share of poverty – too much to glamorize it, and too little to grow desensitized to it. I do not imagine some kind of Noble Poor, nor do I ascribe to poverty some kind of vague honor, as though all of us could stand […]

Against Apathy

First of all, I wanted to link to this Bloomberg op-ed which looks at politics through the lens of language, something I’m obviously interested in myself. Professor Glickman, to his credit, employs a historical angle as well. It’s a fascinating look at what happens when you define a concept only in the rosiest, soft-focus terms, […]


In honor of Mitt Romney’s VP pick of Paul Ryan – which has spawned a whole new wave of bumper sticker proposals – I’d like to take a moment to examine and rank some of the awful, stupid nicknames for candidates and parties currently making the rounds. A caveat: I’ll probably miss some. As a […]


Republicans have recently attacked President Obama’s tax proposals as products of a “politics of envy” that leads working class Americans to act resentfully against those more successful than themselves. The charge is one of immaturity: if you (Democrats?) would just grow up, you could stop comparing yourself to other people and get to work on […]